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Teacher Resources Rock Art Trunk School Program

CRAA has prepared a program on Indian Rock Art which is offered to teachers or other groups.  We are volunteers and offer this program free to any interested school or group. A PowerPoint slide show is presented which defines what archaeology is, where we find sites and how the study of ancient sites helps us all understand our own culture. After the slide show, volunteers will go into the classroom to continue the discussion and let the children touch examples of pictographs and petroglyphs.  The children are given a photo of real art done on rock faces by artists, sometimes hundreds of years ago.  They are given a page protector to put over the photo so they can trace it without damaging the original photo.  The page protectors with rock art can be taken home. Depending on the size of the classes the program typically takes about 2 hours. A major emphasis during the presentation is how we all can preserve and respect rock art and artifacts. Unfortunately the aging process, as well as people, is damaging much of what is left.  The aging we can’t do much about but people damage is not necessary.  When the art is gone it is gone.  We hope we can help children understand the importance of saving our past. 

For more information or to sign up for this free program contact: Betsy Weitkamp at 303-722-1656.